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Whoever says mobile is the
future, remained in the past.

Nice to meet you, we are Mesa.

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Do you want to offer the best mobile experience to your customer? You are now at the right place.

We are a company that develops apps for the mobile market, offering more than just a digital presence for your brand. Our team works to create projects with the main focus on the user, generating a true impact on their lives. Engagement, sympathy, utility and accessibility are more than just words in our daily lives, they are the main guidelines when accomplishing any idea at Mesa.

If there are no borders for the digital, there aren’t for our portfolio too. On it, you find great local and national customers, projects of different areas and a good idea of what we can do for your brand. Got curious? Then come with us.

What we do

  • Consulting
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Business Advice
  • Backend Development
  • Drink Coffee

Artur Sá Designer / Co-founder

Studied Publicity at UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco) and graduated in 2004. Has been working as a UX/UI designer for about 15 years, but, outside Mesa, is an old-fashioned person who does not resist a good offline meeting.

Antonio Araújo Developer / Co-founder

Studied Computer Engineering at UFPE, is a mobile developer, besides having wide experience in management of great projects. The greatest of them? His children, Cadu and Antonia.

Tiago Sales Developer / Co-founder

Computer Engineer graduated by UFPE, has been programming sing 10 years old and experienced many areas until specializing in mobile.

Mesa Mesa

Multidisciplinaty, plural and experienced. We don’t know a better way to define our team.

We are 12 professionals seeking for the best solutions, creating the best strategies and developing not only projects, but cases that make us proud to say: we did it.

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Rua do Chacon, 274, Sala 106,
Poço da Panela, CEP 52061-400,
Recife, PE, Brasil
+55 (81) 3097.4245